Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Was at 3M on Monday, and usually this time of year there are geese every where. I even had my license on me so that I could run one over "accidentally" driving through campus. To my amazement there were none. When we were coming out at sundown I saw 12. That was it. Going to give up on the early goose hunt for this year. Weather is too nice. Going to fix my truck on Friday night and Saturday morning instead. Its been a long time coming and it cannot be neglected anymore. When that is done I'm going to try to scout this weekend. With the extremely low water levels in the area and the lack of birds flying, I think that this season in east central MN is going to be a fly by season. There may be a couple of days that they stay, but the lack of food and water, not to mention the damn fisherman on the lakes that do have water, the birds will get pushed through fast and you will need to be on the "X" to have any luck.
If anyone else is out scouting, or know anyone out scouting I encourage you to sign up on this site. Its free to join and its easy to stay connected. Click to follow this blog on the lower left.