Saturday, May 15, 2010

Get up and get out

Spring has sprung, time for you to spring off the couch and get around to your local hunting areas. It is a good time to get out and take a look at the areas your normally hunt. The benifits to this are that you are not focused on beating others there and setting the deeks. This will allow you an opportunity to learn more about the area (water depth, effects of the wind, possible blind locations, etc...). Take the wife out with you and show her your spot, it might help her realize HOW HARD you "Slave" during the gunning season.....not so much....

The places I hunt in Eastern NC are often effected by the change in weather, so I am not going to get perfect snap shot of what it will look like this Fall, but every little bit helps. I use this time to find new spots, mark waypoints on my GPS, all of which allow me to stay flexible during the season.

And best of all, while doing this, I can target some Redfish (puppy drum, red drum). March to Aug in NC equals great fishing.....can't beat it......

Josh Bourne
Duck Junkies
Pro Staff
North Carolina

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Summer in the South

Spring turkey season has ended, and with it any relief from the scorching temperatures that are already invading peninsular Florida. We're not even half way into may and it's already hitting temps in the 90's. Weather like that can make it hard on a duck hunter who wants nothing more than to get back to duck hunting.

With the summer down time in mind, here's a few things you can do to make the off-season go by faster and keep yourself and your gear in hunting shape.

Decoy Maintenance:
Now is the time to get your decoys repaired and repainted for the next season. There are 2 products I use to repair decoys that have been shot up over a long season of hunting. The first is a hot glue gun which I use to repair errant shot holes in my blocks. The hot glue easily fills the holes and binds to the plastic without any prep work, making them water ready instantly.

The second product is JB Quick. I use it to repair cracked keels and torn anchor loops. Mix just enough to cover the area you want to repair, apply and wait 4 minutes. It's that simple. No sanding needed and you can drill your holes back out for your anchor line quickly.

As for painting decoys, less is more. Don't worry too much about detail. Just get some Krylon and hit the broad stroked. The differentiation in color and bold patterns are more important than the fine details some of your blocks originally came with. AS long as it looks like a duck and has the same markings as what they expect to see, you shuold be just fine.

Clean it inside and out. That includes the threads on your choke tubes. cover everything in a light coat of teflon infused oil. I prefer Tri-Flow to just about anything else on the market. It inhibits rust, will not hold dirt or grime, and can not freeze up on you in sub-zero temperatures.

While you're at it, make sure you also clean your gun cases. You would be amazed at how many guys neglect this part of their equipment and never realize that some of these PVC lined, water-proof cases actually hold marsh water for months at a time. No sense putting a clean gun back into a wet, hostile environtment to sit and rust away.

And while we're talking about guns in your down time, one of the best things you can do for your gun and your pattern is to take it to a gunsmith and have that forcing come smoothed and elongated. This will reduce those stray pellets from your pattern and make for a much better shooting gun all around. The good news, it's also one of the least expensive things you can do to make your gun shoot great.

I know summer time is for fishing, but you really need to get some trigger time in as well. Make time to get out on the range and practice your shooting skills. The hunter that spent a month shooting in the summer will go through far less steel shot early in the season than the guy who just broke his gun out the week before opener. Stick to sporting clays and stay away from trap shooting. Trap shooting is too repetitious and teaches you very little about field-applicable skills.

If you can check these things off your list this summer before the season is in sight, you'll be well on your way to more time afield and less down time during the season. Prentative maintenance goes a long way to ensuring a successful season.

Good luck. God bless. And hope to see you all out in the Marsh this fall.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Wood Ducks

I don't know how many people have ponds to put wood duck boxes in or to even watch them but it is truly addicting. I have two family friends who both allow us to put boxes up and come to watch them. They are are amazing to watch them fly right into the box without slowing down to squeeze through the hole in them. If you get the chance go watch them on night or be even better and do you part in conservation and put some up!

Brian Reynolds
Duck Junkies Pro-Staff

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Are You a Duck Junkie?

*We are still collecting clips for our Duck Junkies promo video! Take a second to record yourself saying "I am a Duck Junkie" and send it to us. The
deadline for submissions is May 15th! (ALL videos of good enough quality will be used.)

*Sunday, May 16th, Duck Junkies will be auctioning off a Limited Edition Banded Dog Collar on the HHS online radio show to benefit wounded/returning soldiers.