Friday, November 27, 2009

First Snow in Ohio

Friday November 27 we finally got our first blanket of snow. We were in the wrong spot in the marsh but it was still a good day because the whole area was loaded with fresh birds. Mallards and Black ducks were all over today and that was a sight for sore eyes because we werent getting any birds until this past week. Another sign that the birds are moving is one of my fathers friends baged two bands this past week both of the birds came from Canada. So tomorrow morning were gonna be in the right spot and you will hear from me tomorrow hopefully with a few more birds.. Good Hunting!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


It has been snowing, just a light snow this week not really acummulationg to anything, but the mallards have come back for round two, acouple of my buddies went out yesterday and the day before, without me and shot there limit, they said that they came back intot he decoys by using a comeback call.

3 Days Left

Today the story was the wind. Got to the lake early and the wind was coming from the wrong direction according to the weather report on my phone. Too late to turn back and the wind was quite strong so we decide that a right to left wind would work. Set out dozen mallards and about 4-5 dozen divers expecting that more came down on the strong overnight north winds. Turns out the wind picked up and if you count how many times we had to move the decoys because they were blowing away we acually put out about 30 dozen this morning and picked up about a dozen in frustration.
Sunrise came and there was not a bird to be seen. Had a few other buddies in the area seeing the same thing we were, nothing. No frozen ponds yet almost every body of water is open north of here and we only have 3 days left.
Debating on hunting in the morning or putting on some miles scouting for the last 2 days. Hard to say but I did stop by a lake on the way home from dinner and saw a good size flock of mallards in the dark . Maybe give it a try at least and then scout. Hard to say but the temp is dropping into the low 20's to upper teens and the wind is going to change direction so maybe a few more stragglers will find their way down.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Almost Time

Well a lot has been going on the last few weeks to lead us up to opening day. I took a week off work and went on a deer hunting trip and took a deer of a life time with my bow. Now I am waiting until Sat. for the season to start and I don't know if there will be many birds or not. Right now there is not much here but a few geese, not many ducks at all. Can't wait just hope the holiday goes great for everyone and then we can really get after the waterfowl hard and hope for great fowl weather.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Greetings from Montana

I just returned from a great hunt in Alaska with my son and things are really starting to happen here in Montana. A good friend called me this morning. When I answered the phone the first two words out of his mouth told me everything I needed to know. "It's on". He had just killed his fourth limit of ducks in the last 7 days. The first big pushes of birds have started south out of Alberta. It's been an unseasonably mild fall in this neck of the woods and reports continue to indicate huge numbers of birds holding just north of us in Canada. Despite a relatively mild Canadian weather forecast, I stood outside tonight and listened to literally thousands of ducks and geese heading south. Alberta temps will be dropping into the teens tonight but usually it takes snow and temps in the single digits to really get things moving.

My truck is packed with decoys and my lab is whimpering by the door. The alarm is set for 4am and my heart is beating just a little faster tonight. My gut tells me tomorrow is going to be one of those special days. From Big Sky Country "It's On"!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Arkansas Season Opener

Well Saturday I was not expecting to do very well the weather was not as bad as it could have been though it could have been much warmer. When I woke up at 3a.m. I got everything together and packed ready to get to the blind. When I got to the club they had already put decoys out the night before and had not seen many ducks. All of the ducks they had seen had been woodies flying the river. None the less I was anxious to get out to the blind. We got to the blind and put out a few motion decoys because there was no wind. We had 9 people in our blind and 2 dogs. It started very slow with lots of woodies flying but not around us. We had a few chances early at big ducks but noone could see. Once it was light out we began shooting ducks. All we were seeing were gadwalls no mallards. We ended up shooting 20 gadwalls and about 10 teal that all suprise attacked us. We also had one lone mallard very sad for a club with mallard in the name. Sunday we went out and tryed to shoot a few woodies early in a timber hole but it did not work. They did not want into our timber hole. My friend Caleb and I went with my fathers friend Warren that morning because we did not have anyone else to go with. We went back to the blind and ended up shooting 4 mallards and 8 gadwalls. The other 6 guys had left about the time we go there and had shot 8 gadwalls. We are all hopeing that here in Arkansas, Tennesee, and Mississippi we get cold weather. Tomorrow i leave for texas to go on a Deer hunt for the rest of the week. I hope that I have some luck shooting deer! Once I get back I plan on hunting in Tennessee for ducks and then in 2 weeks going to Tunica MS for some more fun waterfowl hunting.

slow in IL

It's been to slow no birds in long time. Deer opened Friday. It was bad- did not have one come by or see one. I was told 64 deer were shot opening day. It's up from last year. It opens back up on the 2nd so lets see what happens.
We should be good on the birds at the end of the week -snow and in the 20s. Let it come -can't wait! My dog (Bear) hates me. I want to i find some birds but nobody is shooting much here...

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Took The Day Off

After yesterdays frustrating morning and the extreme lack of birds and over abundance of warm weather, I slept in and went to church with the family. Talked with a buddy that hunted a field in Hugo MN down by the cities that had a 3 man limit of birds by 8:00 and was waiting on geese.
Cleaning the shop today and gearing up for the last weekend of hunting in MN and hopefully in 2 weeks the water is still open in SW Wisconsin for their season ending weekend.