Thursday, November 26, 2009

3 Days Left

Today the story was the wind. Got to the lake early and the wind was coming from the wrong direction according to the weather report on my phone. Too late to turn back and the wind was quite strong so we decide that a right to left wind would work. Set out dozen mallards and about 4-5 dozen divers expecting that more came down on the strong overnight north winds. Turns out the wind picked up and if you count how many times we had to move the decoys because they were blowing away we acually put out about 30 dozen this morning and picked up about a dozen in frustration.
Sunrise came and there was not a bird to be seen. Had a few other buddies in the area seeing the same thing we were, nothing. No frozen ponds yet almost every body of water is open north of here and we only have 3 days left.
Debating on hunting in the morning or putting on some miles scouting for the last 2 days. Hard to say but I did stop by a lake on the way home from dinner and saw a good size flock of mallards in the dark . Maybe give it a try at least and then scout. Hard to say but the temp is dropping into the low 20's to upper teens and the wind is going to change direction so maybe a few more stragglers will find their way down.

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