Friday, June 3, 2011

The Drill by W.S. Allen

A man, a dog and a bumper.

As the white rubber tube flies effortlessly through the thick Texas air his muscles constrict and his focus and dedication are clearly visible. I give the command "mark," without hesitation the rubber tube captures our attention. At the moment of impact through eyes clear and dedicated, out of respect more than guidance, he considers my expression. His goals are well defined, to please first and to capture second.

He's not confused as we walk in a direction different than the path gravity dictated for the rubber bumper. He's done this countless times, effortlessly and with an air of familiarity we wander a hundred yards away. Our ambling gate mask the concentration felt by both as we plan the next few seconds over and over in our minds. His attention at odds between me and the small rubber tube pinned to the earth by forces unseen a hundred yards away.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kicking Butt Decoy: Exclusive Discount for Junkies!


Member Special: For a limited time, Ure-a-Duck decoys is offering Duck Junkies members their exclusive Kicking Butt decoy at cost!

The Kicking Butt decoy is a unique Duck Decoy. No other Duck Decoy in the world looks more like a feeding Duck. The motion of this duck decoy is up to you. With a pull of the string this Duck Decoy comes to life.

This Feeding decoy can be subtle with just a few ripples or you can make it feed and throw water over a whole decoy spread. It is an UNSINKABLE FOAM Decoy. Feet attach by just a push into the foam body ( for permanent attachment, just super glue wire). Easy to use and Brings the ducks in close. Ducks respond to Motion on the water and this Duck Decoy makes the natural motion on the water unsurpassed by any other duck decoy.

Kicking Butt Features:


(Deal ends June 20th or when supplies run out.)