Saturday, November 14, 2009

Couldn't ask for better weather....Could Ask For More Ducks

Went out this morning to the big dog leg. Got to the point and set up in no time. Herd a few Golden eyes in the dark and expected to have some shooting. 40deg low ceiling with haze and a light misty rain and a NW wind at 5. Doesn't get any better than that huh?
We sat all morning and saw only 3 ducks total! No shooting anywhere in the area especially on the lake. Packed up at 8:30 came home and started packing for the trip.
My brother and I are heading back down to the river bottoms in Onalaska for 3 days. Our prostaffer Matt, also my uncle, went out on Friday for his birthday by himself for the last 1 1/2 hours and shot his limit before sunset. He said he is seeing alot of Swans and ducks in the area and with the cold front hitting tonight we should do pretty good.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Go Away Warm Weather (WI)

With the recent warm weather the duck huntin in NW WI has really slowed down. The duck season is getting close to over and we are looking for the big numbers to start comin down. The geese are around but we are still looking for the duck numbers to increase. Hopefully they show up before we go into our deer season. Which is when our duck season ends up here.

But I do have a gripe to post from this warm weekend. I just do not understand waterfowlers who are so desperate that they trespass! We do a lot of hunting on others' land and we have the common courtesy to ask for permission. There is enough people out there already that do not like hunting and hunters, so there is no need to trespass and make even more people dislike hunters! So please always have the courtesy to ask for permission and never ever assume that you have permission. It never hurts to double and triple check with the landowner. Plus talking with the landowners is an incredible way to scout.

C and C Calls review

ill try any call once is what put me in touch with C and C calls and i havent been disapointed since and once again they impress. i was so impressed with there goose call i first picked up. The tonal options are all over the map. It takes almost no air to break it over which makes it easy to keep the volume low almost a whisper! but punch a little more air through it and birds in the next town will head your way. the sound is nothing but goose. the guts are the best i have seen in awhile there truly what i would call field guts you cant out blow them and field cleaning and re tunning this call take seconds thanks to the reed locking in place. All of there calls are hand turned out of polymer and are tuly bullet proof. They currently make a goose and a duck that they offer in a combo or each seperate. There duck call sounds just as good as the goose and it can get loud! its got a tone hole in the insert and just sounds like it should have a set of wings and a little green head!
C and C calls is truly a great company to work with that puts there love for the sport in every call they make and its shows every time you blow one of there calls. they stand behind everything they make and are always there to help. If anyone is interested in knowing more about them or wants to pick up a call let me know ill put you in touch with them they will ship from here to the UK litteraly!

Soooo slow in IL

It is so slow im going to work today that is how slow it is . The pheasant youth hunt was good it was hot but we put up birds . The kids had a good time. That's all that matters. But for the ducks we need the north to get reel cold to push them down. Jeff

Sunday, November 8, 2009

In need of new ducks in Missouri

Hunting has been pretty tuff the first week here in NW Mo. Duck numbers are still pretty low due to the warm weather. Have managed to kill 45 for the first weeks total not to bad for the weather conditions and temperature. Ducks that are inthe area have been here for a few weeks and dont seem to want to work very well. Life is just good for them right now not forcing them to do anything. It shouldnt be to much longer til the weather changes and pushes them on down here. Supposed to be cloudy and in the lower 50's in the morning followed by rain. Keep after them and when they show up all the work will be well worth it.

Catching Up On Tanning! 62deg and sunny in MN

Was excited to head out this past weekend. Spent time on Friday night building a new portable blind to try out and loaded 6 dozen decoys into the truck hoping for the best. The best I got was a tan.
On Saturday morning we were beat to the landing! Beat on the opener of deer? Got the spot we wanted and before sun up there was 3 other groups on the lake. Does nobody deer hunt anymore?
When shooting started My dad and I just sat and looked at nothing. Had 1 lone gadwall work around above us a few times but never came in close. Pretty cool to have it lock up the wings and be calling back. After that we just sat. Nobody on the lake was shooting and nothing was flying.
About on hour into the hunt we got burned by a couple of birds that caught us way off guard. My dad was taking a leek and I was on my phone. Right as we started cleaning up we had 1 bluebill dart in and my dad made a nice shot so at least we didn't get skunked but there is nothing around for birds right now.
Didn't hunt on Sunday because my wife's godchild was getting baptized so I had to play with the kids. Had more fun doing that than I would probably had watching decoys bob up and down. Still frustrating to not go out but the storm will come and I will be there.
Check the web site this week as we should be up and running with the forum page that all members can be apart of and the gear store should finally be complete.

Not many ducks

Today I went to my club in Forrest city AR, we got there kinda early just to see if there were ducks. It has been a long time since I have gone over there 2 weeks before the season and not seen a single bird. I talked to a lot of people and noone is seeing many birds. No birds in Mississippi or Tennessee. I was told that around Stuttgart AR there were a few ducks but they are probably the ducks that go there every year. Hopefully the ducks will begin heading south this week and everyone would be much happier.