Monday, November 9, 2009

C and C Calls review

ill try any call once is what put me in touch with C and C calls and i havent been disapointed since and once again they impress. i was so impressed with there goose call i first picked up. The tonal options are all over the map. It takes almost no air to break it over which makes it easy to keep the volume low almost a whisper! but punch a little more air through it and birds in the next town will head your way. the sound is nothing but goose. the guts are the best i have seen in awhile there truly what i would call field guts you cant out blow them and field cleaning and re tunning this call take seconds thanks to the reed locking in place. All of there calls are hand turned out of polymer and are tuly bullet proof. They currently make a goose and a duck that they offer in a combo or each seperate. There duck call sounds just as good as the goose and it can get loud! its got a tone hole in the insert and just sounds like it should have a set of wings and a little green head!
C and C calls is truly a great company to work with that puts there love for the sport in every call they make and its shows every time you blow one of there calls. they stand behind everything they make and are always there to help. If anyone is interested in knowing more about them or wants to pick up a call let me know ill put you in touch with them they will ship from here to the UK litteraly!

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