Friday, January 29, 2010

Michigan Waterfowl (LP)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Michigan Waterfowl (LP)

Michigan Waterfowl season ends this weekend. There is still a few Geese around, but they are few and far between. We have found them in a couple of our fields but they are there one day and gone the next making it impossible to pattern them. Due to the lack of birds and the end of the late goose season fastly coming to an end, we have put all the decoys away till next season. Here is a video I thought you all might get a kick out of. (Viewer discretion advised)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Algona Iowa, Ia

I wish that duck season was still going on, it would be so nice. But Snow Goose season is just right around the corner, same with turkey hunting. Can't wait for that too!
Last weekend I won a gun at the NWTF banquet. Its a Mossburg over under 12 gauge.
Hope that everyone had a good hunting season for the ducks and geese.

Getting close to the end -WV

Well first I want to thank Duck Junkies for allowing me to become a Pro Staff member.
My last hunt was on 23 January in Harpers Ferry, WV. The ducks started using a new spot near us but that did not stop some of them from coming in. We managed to take our limit of 3 Black Ducks along with 3 Mallards and 2 Widgeon. The big numbers of ducks are still in the area but they are using new fields in the evening every few days. After Saturday's hunt we did some late evening scouting and found a field holding over 1,000 Ducks (Mallards and plenty of Black Ducks) along with over 1,000 geese. The pictures did not come out that great do to low camera light but the sound of thousands of waterfowl was undiscribable. Thats what it is all about folks. Well the goose season is out in DE and ducks will be done after this weekend. Duck ends in WV on the 30th and goose ends on the 31st so we are going to make the best of it. We are planning on hunting ducks on Saturday and geese in the field on Sunday (yes it is legal in the state of WV on private property w/land owner permission).

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Monday, January 25, 2010

January 2010 Featured Member

January 2010 Featured Member:

Hello, Fellow Duck Junkies! I was introduced to duck hunting in 1992 by my sweetheart! We spent 2 weeks in Alaska hunting sea ducks and I've been hooked ever since. I love everything about duck hunting. The entire experience is majestic. The sunrise, fog rolling off the water showing the silhouette of the decoys. A flock comes in cupped and committed , then someone shouts "take em" I get goose bumps! To me there is nothing better than being outdoors with great friends shooting shells & sharing laughs.
My favorite part about the Duck Junkies site is that it connects me with others who share my passion for waterfowl hunting! I love the discussions and the photos. So keep them coming.
I am Co-Owner of Wild About Fowl Wildlife art Studio, specializing in waterfowl & upland game bird taxidermy. Please feel free to visit our website at: Happy Hunting!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another slow day (TN, AK)

Well I finished up the Tennessee duck season with one green head and a big honker. I went up to the forked deer river and tried to shoot a few ducks. We saw alot of ducks mor than I had been seeing in Arkansas. Most of the ducks were all old ducks that have been there for most of the season and they were very weary ducks.
I talked to some friends in Arkansas that did not have a very good day eithor they had shot 5 ducks and considering i shot 5 ducks in 4 trips a few weeks ago they did ok. Next weekend will be the last weekend for Arkansas duck season and then it will be ready for spring snow goose will have a few good pics and videos from spring goose I'll be sure to post a few to show everyone. Everyone have a fun and safe time.
Cade Patton


Well the last few weeks have been real slow. In fact the whole season has been probably the slowest season I have seen through my whole hunting life. It was very cold here for over a week this year and the birds just did not seem to show up like they have in the past. Even with the low bird numbers I have had a great season and now only one more week to go so lets make the best of it.

Earl England

Northwest Connecticut- End Game

Last day for my season was on Friday the 22nd. My hunting partner Joe and I set up on the mouth of the Connecticut River on the East Lyme side with a mostly diver spread. We arrived fairly early and heard a lot of mallards and blacks chattering as we threw the dekes out.
About 15 minutes before legal shooting time, flights of mallards began to take off right over the top of the blind. I estimate about 50 to 60 ducks went over, well within shooting range. If they had held off another 10 minutes, we could have possibly done something. The rest of the day was pretty lackluster. Only had 1 drake goldeneye into the spread which took off at mach 10 as soon as I got the gun up. Not many ducks in the air for the rest of the day other than a couple of red breasted mergs. Did see a bunch of brant hanging out just off shore about a ½ mile away.
We picked up about noon and paddled back to the launch. A couple of other groups of hunters were returning at the same time as us and reported the same activity as we had. No ducks. Note to self: don’t put the big boat away as the boys sea duck hunting around the islands have been putting the smackdown on the scoters and old squaw.
And that pretty much sums up the season for us. There was never any real migration around here at all. I only had 1 day where I scraped up a limit on mallards. I did find a couple of new spots to hunt that have potential for next season. I was also introduced into the addictive activity of layout hunting which I plan on doing a lot more of. Well, the decoys are put away and the guns are clean. Time to dust off the turkey calls and practice up for the spring season and spend some time at the fly tying desk.
And another waterfowl season is in the books.

Terry Mahoney