Friday, January 1, 2010

A Large woman is warming up her voice...

There's still some time to hunt before the end of the season here in Connecticut. Where I'm located up in the northern part of the state, we have until January 9th to hunt ducks and geese. Most of the lakes and ponds have iced over but some opportunities remain in the rivers. I'm seeing some buffies and ringnecks around with the ever present mergs. In the southern part of the state the season remains open until January 23rd. I'll usually head down to the mouth of the Connecticut River to target divers, brant and geese. We always see good numbers of blacks and mallards there in the late season. Sea duck hunting is open till the 23rd. I'm seeing decent reports of old squaw and scoters in Long Island Sound around the Norwalk Islands.

The state is split into 3 sections for geese. The AP Unit(atlantic population) covers the northwest corner. The season for geese closes on the 9th. The NAP-H Unit(north atlantic population) covers the eastern part of the state. The season in this section closes on the 14th. The AFRP Unit(atlantic flyway resident population) covers the southwestern part. The season closes on February 15th. We don't see a whole lot of Snow Geese around here but we get a few flocks that stray over this way. The season for snows has various opening dates in the north and south zones and both close on March 10th.

So there's still alot of time left to get a fix around here before the fat lady sings. I hope to get out a few more times before it ends. Happy New Year to all.

Terry Mahoney

Duck Junkies Prostaff

Thursday, December 31, 2009

ducks in arkansas?

Sorry guys it has been a little while i havent been near a computer for a while. i have been trying to figure out where to go duck hunt or even deer hunt for that matter. I have not been successful at eithor one for anout 2 weeks. It is very sad to say this but i have killed less than 10 ducks in 2 weeks and the only deer i have killed was with a 91 suburban going 75 down a 2 lane road one night coming home. Little Rock Ar got 10" of rain last week causing our bottoms to flood. There is 15 feet of water where there is none in the summer. The woods have 7-8 feet of water in them and the current pushed out all of the acorns so there is no good hunting in our bottoms unles you can get to an edge of a field where the ducks want to be and we cannot because it is not our land... I have almost completely given up deer hunting. I have hunted 8 days and not seen or heard a deer in my stand the deer have gone almost 100% nocturnal so i have almost no chance of killing a deer.... I may end the week by going to my cousins farm in central Arkansas and snow goose hunting.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

January Contest

Attention all Duck Junkie Fans and friends! We are having a contest for everyone to be involved in. We are looking for the our fans and members to take part in our mission to define a Duck Junkie. Write a definition, as it would read in a dictionary, and the top 3 definitions will win prizes. First prize will win 50 Junkie dollars or a sweatshirt. Second prize will be 25 Junkie dollars or a long sleeve T-shirt. Third prize will be10 Junkie dollars or your choice of a Junkie T-shirt or a decal. This contest will run between now and February 1st, 2010. The entries should be posted on the Duck Junkies FB discussions page. After February 1st we will pick the top 6 and let you our fans vote to decide the top 3. Be creative as you want but also keep your ideas and language clean. I.E. no profanity or sexually suggestive definitions. You can enter as many ideas as you wish. Good luck to all who enter!

December Junkie of the Month

December 2009 Featured Member:

I have been hunting since I was 12.
My favorite thing about waterfowl hunting is the camaraderie with family & friends and introducing a new hunter to the brotherhood.
Well this month my favorite part of the site is the Junkie of the Month. But honestly my favorite part of the site is the forum and blog areas. I love reading and sharing stories and information about bird hunting.

Michigan Waterfowl

December, 29 2009
West Michigan

As of 12/29/09 we are starting to see almost all the lakes freeze over, with exception of the deeper lakes fed by our rivers. Large number of ducks and Geese still holding on what little water is still open. The Fennville Farm Unit in Allegan County is starting to see excellent numbers of Ducks and Geese showing up. Currently the Fennvill Farm Unit has 19,458 Geese and 6008 Ducks.


In the north zone goose is over the 9th. Its been slow. Not a lot of birds the fields. The snow did not help with that. Pheasant is done on the 7th. Time for coyote hunting. I got some pigs and a calf out for bait in one field so time to go check if they been eating the bait. A full moon wood be nice

12/28/2009 Hunting the Burbs

Went out on a layout goose hunt with my nephew and Junkie fan Nate and my friends Joe and Mark within a stones throw of Hartford, CT. We don't do much field hunting around here and this spot in particular proved to be an excellent one. We put out a small spread, 10 full bodies and a dozen shells and since Joe and I were the only ones with layout blinds, we had to improvise to conceal the other two which worked out really well after tweaking it a little.
Basically what we did was lay down a small 4' x 8' brown tarp. I had a couple of folding seats for the deck of my boat (just a pad that folds up and locks in position), covered them up with camo burlap and some vegetation that we scraped up from around the area. Instant poor man's layout blind.
The first couple of groups that came in flared. After covering up more of the blinds, the groups came in without a clue something was up. First a group of about 1o birds that came in with the landing gear down, one quick shot later and Nate dropped his first goose ever. Overall we saw about 200 birds throughout the day. Our calling was spot on but our shooting was a different story (skeet range here I come). Only glitch of the day (besides our shooting) was a couple of crow/goose hunters skybusting.

Terry Mahoney
NW Connecticut
Duck Prostaff

Monday, December 28, 2009

Iowa, IA


Well know that duck and goose hunting is over for Iowa, and deer and pheasant is still open. Goose hunting opened back up on december 19th through January 3. I shot a really nice 8 point over 2 season shotgun at 92 yards. It scored about 130 or 132. I seen about 4 or 5 flocks of maybe 35 to 40 geese fly over while i was deer hunting.

Northern East Texas is Picking up!!!

Shane & I went to one of our local honey holes in upper East Texas Saturday after Christmas to get our quack on... We soon found plenty of ducks roosting in the thicket, but to emerge out into to the Big Water's as soon as they could see sky... but too early to shoot. We could see a pretty large number of (Greenies) hitting the big open water for resting throughout the day. Our shooting light had come, but only to discover that someone had obviously been blowing them out of all the coves, slews & thick covered areas..leaving them no where else to rest but the open. We continued to collect some spoonies, teal, pintails, woodies, & plenty of ringnecks!!


the injurys never stop

Well once again there's blood shed this year and not just from the birds haha after taking a good size chunk out of my hand on the lathe playing with some call designs earlyer this month I then take a digger face first in a half finished pit atleast I can always say it was my blood on the floor of it first though ha.
Hunting throughout northern colorado has been pretty good to us this season though especially since this cold front has come through. My cousin hooked up with a guy that has a ton of field out east with a decent slew hidden in the back corner of it that's produced good numbers of a little of everything and even though hunter numbers have hit the ceiling we have still found a lot of open playground out there and have been hitting limits and having fun as long as we can stop hurting ourselves ha happy hunting and hope everyone has a good new year let's make 2010 waterfowl year