Friday, January 1, 2010

A Large woman is warming up her voice...

There's still some time to hunt before the end of the season here in Connecticut. Where I'm located up in the northern part of the state, we have until January 9th to hunt ducks and geese. Most of the lakes and ponds have iced over but some opportunities remain in the rivers. I'm seeing some buffies and ringnecks around with the ever present mergs. In the southern part of the state the season remains open until January 23rd. I'll usually head down to the mouth of the Connecticut River to target divers, brant and geese. We always see good numbers of blacks and mallards there in the late season. Sea duck hunting is open till the 23rd. I'm seeing decent reports of old squaw and scoters in Long Island Sound around the Norwalk Islands.

The state is split into 3 sections for geese. The AP Unit(atlantic population) covers the northwest corner. The season for geese closes on the 9th. The NAP-H Unit(north atlantic population) covers the eastern part of the state. The season in this section closes on the 14th. The AFRP Unit(atlantic flyway resident population) covers the southwestern part. The season closes on February 15th. We don't see a whole lot of Snow Geese around here but we get a few flocks that stray over this way. The season for snows has various opening dates in the north and south zones and both close on March 10th.

So there's still alot of time left to get a fix around here before the fat lady sings. I hope to get out a few more times before it ends. Happy New Year to all.

Terry Mahoney

Duck Junkies Prostaff

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