Thursday, December 31, 2009

ducks in arkansas?

Sorry guys it has been a little while i havent been near a computer for a while. i have been trying to figure out where to go duck hunt or even deer hunt for that matter. I have not been successful at eithor one for anout 2 weeks. It is very sad to say this but i have killed less than 10 ducks in 2 weeks and the only deer i have killed was with a 91 suburban going 75 down a 2 lane road one night coming home. Little Rock Ar got 10" of rain last week causing our bottoms to flood. There is 15 feet of water where there is none in the summer. The woods have 7-8 feet of water in them and the current pushed out all of the acorns so there is no good hunting in our bottoms unles you can get to an edge of a field where the ducks want to be and we cannot because it is not our land... I have almost completely given up deer hunting. I have hunted 8 days and not seen or heard a deer in my stand the deer have gone almost 100% nocturnal so i have almost no chance of killing a deer.... I may end the week by going to my cousins farm in central Arkansas and snow goose hunting.

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