Tuesday, December 29, 2009

January Contest

Attention all Duck Junkie Fans and friends! We are having a contest for everyone to be involved in. We are looking for the our fans and members to take part in our mission to define a Duck Junkie. Write a definition, as it would read in a dictionary, and the top 3 definitions will win prizes. First prize will win 50 Junkie dollars or a sweatshirt. Second prize will be 25 Junkie dollars or a long sleeve T-shirt. Third prize will be10 Junkie dollars or your choice of a Junkie T-shirt or a decal. This contest will run between now and February 1st, 2010. The entries should be posted on the Duck Junkies FB discussions page. After February 1st we will pick the top 6 and let you our fans vote to decide the top 3. Be creative as you want but also keep your ideas and language clean. I.E. no profanity or sexually suggestive definitions. You can enter as many ideas as you wish. Good luck to all who enter!

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