Monday, December 28, 2009

the injurys never stop

Well once again there's blood shed this year and not just from the birds haha after taking a good size chunk out of my hand on the lathe playing with some call designs earlyer this month I then take a digger face first in a half finished pit atleast I can always say it was my blood on the floor of it first though ha.
Hunting throughout northern colorado has been pretty good to us this season though especially since this cold front has come through. My cousin hooked up with a guy that has a ton of field out east with a decent slew hidden in the back corner of it that's produced good numbers of a little of everything and even though hunter numbers have hit the ceiling we have still found a lot of open playground out there and have been hitting limits and having fun as long as we can stop hurting ourselves ha happy hunting and hope everyone has a good new year let's make 2010 waterfowl year

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