Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just Released!

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Season Wrap Up

Here in Florida it's been anything but sunny and warm. This year's record low tempuratures saw ice on the Everglades, a massive fish kill, and few ducks to show for the weather...except for a few choice places on the man-made marshes. The gleaming gems of Florida duck hunting are known as the Storm Treatment Areas or STA's.

What the STA's are really is several impoundments divided into cells that allow the state's water management districts to pass sheet water run-off through them in an effort to clean the water of nitrates and phosphates. What you end up with is thousands of acres of prime duck habitat closed to motors and hunting except one day a week. If you're lucky enough to draw a permit or get a walk in tag, you're almost guaranteed to have a great hunt.

January is the best time for full plummed birds in FL and the STA's have quite a variety of puddlers and divers alike. From the rare Fulvous Whistler and Black Belly tree Ducks, to the very common blue winged teal and most birds inbetween, you can find them in south Florida's STAs.

Here's a few pics to whet your appetite for next season.

Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show

Well I was finally able to make it to the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA after all of the heavy snow that hammered the East Coast. The show was amazing as always. I was able to meet and talk with Lee and Tiffany Lakosky from "The Crush" on the Outdoor Network. Great TV show, great people, and lots of fun if you are a deer hunter. The Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show has everything you could think of. Do you want to book a hunt or a fishing trip of a lifetime? This is the place to do it. Most guides offer "Show" discounts and have many pictures and taxidermy mounts at thier booths. Guides from all over the world come to this show. The waterfowl section had many big names such as Tim Grounds, Sean Mann, and Zinks. I was able to talk with Sean Mann for a while about how great the season went for the both of us. Sean reported that his duck numbers in Canada tripled and it was also his best season ever for geese. When I asked about how his hunting in MD was this year he told me that the goose hunting was good and the duck hunting was okay. If you want to get on huge numbers of geese and ducks in the same day then you need to book a trip with Sean Mann when he is up in Canada. I then visited with Tim Grounds. He is a great man to talk to when it comes to calling geese. He is very helpful and will take phone calls if you are having problems learning how to call. Jimmy Wren from Zinks is also a great person to chat with about hunting and calling. Now of course I could not leave there with out buying a few new calls. I added the Tim Grounds Acrylic SuperMag and the Zinks Acrylic PH-1 to my growing collection of calls. This show happens around the same time every year. If you have not been to it then I highly suggest going. Get to the show early and plan on spending all day there. The show ends on February 14th but there is always next year. Mark it on your calanders.

Ryan Smith
Duck Junkies Pro Staff
West Virginia
Hi all. For many of us we will be heading out after the snow geese now that duck and Canadian goose seasons are over. Just remember while hunting snow geese if you don't have a electronic caller i would recommend not using a call at all especially if you are hunting a highly traffic-ed area. While setting up your spread make sure you have a mix of all types of decoys and put your nicer ones on the outer edge of the spread. As always good luck and stay safe.

Brian Reynolds
Duck Junkies Pro-staff

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Running the snow goose hunting in So. Ill at Grassy Lake right now but not quite going as planned. The birds just ain't here yet. Killing our share but not like expected. I think it will all change eventually though. The main reason I'm doing this snow goose hunting is just to hold me over until turkey season but i just don't know how much longer I can wait!!! It's killing me but come the end of March I'll be ready to roll some heads hopefully! Can't wait! Anyone interested in a turkey hunt in Kentucky e-mail me at or!!!

Duck Junkies Pro Staff
Team "Strait Meat"
Funnel Cloud Outfitters
Shoot 'Em In The Lips ;-)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Post Season

Well the Alabama duck season has been over for ten days now and already im looking forward to next season. Had a decent season numbers wise but nothing to write home about; i did however learn more this season than i have in any past. Killed a good number of Woodies in the timber with the occasional mallard and got some bluebills and gadwalls on the river. I probably could've killed more had i chosen to hunt with other certian people but i wouldnt trade the time i spent with my good friends for anything. So now i guess there's nothing left to do but pull out the bass fishing gear and the fly rods for trout. Oh and i can't forget about my first ever snow goose hunt that i'll be going on here soon if everything goes to plan. So until November or whenever everyones season starts, Happy offseason and may the skies be black with fowl next season.
Isaac Brinkley

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Algona Iowa

Man we've got alot of snow. About a foot and half of it. Good for snowmobiling, haha. I've been practice on the ol' duck and goose calls. Wait'in and Wait'in for snow goose hunting and turkey season. i dont think it will be a long spring like last year for us though. But ill make the best of it.

Monday, February 8, 2010

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Competitions Calling

Hello Guys since the season is over other than chasing spring snows. It's time to maybe start thinking of getting into Competition calling it's a great way to break up the time in between the season, and a great way to meet new hunters from all over, and to sharpen up on our calling ability. Me and my son Logan are into Comp Calling it can be a very nerve racking sport but when everthing comes together and you get your named called for placeing all the hard work pays off. So in closing hope to see some of you guys on stage this year. Todd Wilebski