Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Post Season

Well the Alabama duck season has been over for ten days now and already im looking forward to next season. Had a decent season numbers wise but nothing to write home about; i did however learn more this season than i have in any past. Killed a good number of Woodies in the timber with the occasional mallard and got some bluebills and gadwalls on the river. I probably could've killed more had i chosen to hunt with other certian people but i wouldnt trade the time i spent with my good friends for anything. So now i guess there's nothing left to do but pull out the bass fishing gear and the fly rods for trout. Oh and i can't forget about my first ever snow goose hunt that i'll be going on here soon if everything goes to plan. So until November or whenever everyones season starts, Happy offseason and may the skies be black with fowl next season.
Isaac Brinkley

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