Friday, January 22, 2010

It's Hunting & Fishing Showtime!

This time of year marks the end of the deer hunting season, and the beginning of the hunting and outdoor expo season. Hunters and fishermen (and women!) will have plenty of things to see and do for the next few weeks.

Chicago Boat, RV & Outdoor Show and All Canada Show is actually underway, from January 13-17. Here is a listing of the upcoming shows in Illinois!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hello fellow junkies I am the newest of the Junkies prostaff team and in doing so I hope to bring you the up to date on the birds and migration in the up coming season. As of Jan 9th our season on ducks closed putting an end on the season but there is still one week of goose open starting Feb 27th to march 6th with a 10 bird limit so I will be out for this last week and leting u know how it was. I am your new prostaffer for your north of the boader updates in Ontario, canada i hope u all had a good season n wish the best of luck to tou in the future waterfowl season.

Randy Massicotte

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 2010 Featured Member:

Tonya O'Tinger

Hello, Fellow Duck Junkies! I was introduced to duck hunting in 1992 by my sweetheart! We spent 2 weeks in Alaska hunting sea ducks and I've been hooked ever since. I love everything about duck hunting. The entire experience is majestic. The sunrise, fog rolling off the water showing the silhouette of the decoys. A flock comes in cupped and committed , then someone shouts "take em" I get goose bumps! To me there is nothing better than being outdoors with great friends shooting shells & sharing laughs.
My favorite part about the Duck Junkies site is that it connects me with others who share my passion for waterfowl hunting! I love the discussions and the photos. So keep them coming.
I am Co-Owner of Wild About Fowl Wildlife art Studio, specializing in waterfowl & upland game bird taxidermy. Please feel free to visit our website Happy Hunting!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Update as of 1-18-09

Had a fantastic last week of hunting! Shane & I had three good days of
limiting big birds! They had finally arrived in the Etex area. This
was the follow of a weekend of frozen lakes & dramatic colder weather
to the Northern Texas towns & boardering southern parts of Oklahoma.
As u can see on the DuckJunkie website our products/revenge(pictures)
we had finaly recieved on all the waiting we had experienced in the
early season!!
It had paid off!!

Any other updates or questions about this particular area, pls share
with us!! Would like to know!


Daryn & Shane