Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring and LESS water!!!

So spring has come in full force in NW WI and the levels of lakes and ponds is even lower than last year. If we don't get some serious rain, we will have no choice but to hunt only big water. It is getting a little crazy with the drought like conditions that we have been having the last few years.
The only nice thing is that I am still seeing a lot of nesting pairs of fowl up here. Which means that the birds haven't givin up on us yet.
I do want to say that all duck hunters should get out and check all the clearance racks and bargain bins at the outdoor stores. I have found some real nice stuff lately for cheap.
If you are turkey huntin this spring, good luck. And good luck fishin.
I'll see ya in the woods, on the water, or at the shootin range.

Bear DeNucci

Monday, April 12, 2010

Upcoming events and Hunts.

Currently a lot of hunters in SE Idaho and Northern Utah both are reporting seeing good numbers of birds this year for the draw hunts and the upcoming season hunts.
Im seeing regular numbers of pairing Canadian Geese as well as a few ducks now even despite the crazy weather we have had here lately.
The local Pheasant population has come to life as well the last couple weeks. They are out everywhere in full plumage trying to attract mates and cackling like mad, starting before sunrise in the mornings.
The bad thing with the mild winter this year is also an increase in predators. There has been a lot of coyote, skunk, fox and wolf activity in the state lately. We have fairly lax hunting regulations for most predators here. I would encourage all of you to get off the couch, get out and enjoy the spring weather and go hunt some predators. It will make a difference in the amount of upland and fowl especially this year with the light winter to help them be sucessful in nesting. Its a great opportunity to get out and enjoy the outdoors, hunt and help our local wildlife populations!

The 2010 Chinook salmon fishing season opens April 24 in the Clearwater, Snake, Little Salmon and the lower Salmon rivers. The statewide annual limit is 20 adult Chinook.

As a Prostaff member I also see the need to list upcoming events in the area that may interest our members in attending. I will be updating my calendar to show these events including contact information for them as well.

A little food for thought

Now that duck season is over and we are all getting a few more hours of sleep. Here is some food for thought, now most of the duck hunters I hunt with are big boys just like I am so I am not putting down the guy that is 300 lbs because I am. We need to get in shape for duck season I know sounds funny because eating gas station food and drinking a pot of coffee or two liters of mtn. dew are some of my favorite things to do. We just need to get in shape a little better than we are now. Just think of this not only does making it out of bed on time become more easier, but more energy to stay out all day, packing decoys, treading through mud, and stay awake after an amazing day of hunting to have good conversation with your hunting buddies. It doesn't take much to make hunting more enjoyable for me I started out with just a half hour or so of Cardio. after a month or so I am feeling so much better and running and using the elliptical for about an hour, and strength training. If you don't want a gym membership take that duck dog that wintered really well over the winter out for a run both you and the dog will benefit. for those of you who are turkey hunting in the next couple weeks good luck and for those of you who have been successful congrats.
Cody Shaw
Duck Junkies ProStaff

Turkey Takedown

Hey boys its finally here. Atleast for most of us. The 2010 spring turkey hunting season has begun. This time of year brings around four am wake-up calls, grabbin some hot coffee, paintin on your own mossy oak custom camo pattern, loadin up the gear, and headin out to the woods in hot pursuit of that day-breaking, tree-rattling, heart-racing gobble. I don't know bout all of you but from some of the guys I've talked to all around the states it has been a rather successful weekend. Here in Wisconsin we just kicked off our season with the two day youth season. And some states have begun their regular season. With the turkeys very oblivious to the predators of the spring they are much more willing and riled up to hear and see "other birds" and are very eager and curious so watch for that over the first couple seasons this spring. Another tip for you is if you arent getting much action in the morning try and find a smaller open field or area because as the sun comes out the toms do too and thats what they are looking for, a small secluded open area in the warm sun to go and show off what they have in hopes of impressing the ladies. but come late afternoon be ready to get mobile because the gobblers on gonna be on the move in search of the next hot little hen playmate. So try and find out where their roost is and where they like to strut their stuff and their main food/water source and you are sure to find some birds. For all of my fellow gobbler getters out there good luck, aim steady and shoot straight, and be careful out there.

Jared Danke, Junkies Prostaff
Green Bay/Central WI