Monday, April 12, 2010

A little food for thought

Now that duck season is over and we are all getting a few more hours of sleep. Here is some food for thought, now most of the duck hunters I hunt with are big boys just like I am so I am not putting down the guy that is 300 lbs because I am. We need to get in shape for duck season I know sounds funny because eating gas station food and drinking a pot of coffee or two liters of mtn. dew are some of my favorite things to do. We just need to get in shape a little better than we are now. Just think of this not only does making it out of bed on time become more easier, but more energy to stay out all day, packing decoys, treading through mud, and stay awake after an amazing day of hunting to have good conversation with your hunting buddies. It doesn't take much to make hunting more enjoyable for me I started out with just a half hour or so of Cardio. after a month or so I am feeling so much better and running and using the elliptical for about an hour, and strength training. If you don't want a gym membership take that duck dog that wintered really well over the winter out for a run both you and the dog will benefit. for those of you who are turkey hunting in the next couple weeks good luck and for those of you who have been successful congrats.
Cody Shaw
Duck Junkies ProStaff