Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring and LESS water!!!

So spring has come in full force in NW WI and the levels of lakes and ponds is even lower than last year. If we don't get some serious rain, we will have no choice but to hunt only big water. It is getting a little crazy with the drought like conditions that we have been having the last few years.
The only nice thing is that I am still seeing a lot of nesting pairs of fowl up here. Which means that the birds haven't givin up on us yet.
I do want to say that all duck hunters should get out and check all the clearance racks and bargain bins at the outdoor stores. I have found some real nice stuff lately for cheap.
If you are turkey huntin this spring, good luck. And good luck fishin.
I'll see ya in the woods, on the water, or at the shootin range.

Bear DeNucci

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