Monday, April 12, 2010

Turkey Takedown

Hey boys its finally here. Atleast for most of us. The 2010 spring turkey hunting season has begun. This time of year brings around four am wake-up calls, grabbin some hot coffee, paintin on your own mossy oak custom camo pattern, loadin up the gear, and headin out to the woods in hot pursuit of that day-breaking, tree-rattling, heart-racing gobble. I don't know bout all of you but from some of the guys I've talked to all around the states it has been a rather successful weekend. Here in Wisconsin we just kicked off our season with the two day youth season. And some states have begun their regular season. With the turkeys very oblivious to the predators of the spring they are much more willing and riled up to hear and see "other birds" and are very eager and curious so watch for that over the first couple seasons this spring. Another tip for you is if you arent getting much action in the morning try and find a smaller open field or area because as the sun comes out the toms do too and thats what they are looking for, a small secluded open area in the warm sun to go and show off what they have in hopes of impressing the ladies. but come late afternoon be ready to get mobile because the gobblers on gonna be on the move in search of the next hot little hen playmate. So try and find out where their roost is and where they like to strut their stuff and their main food/water source and you are sure to find some birds. For all of my fellow gobbler getters out there good luck, aim steady and shoot straight, and be careful out there.

Jared Danke, Junkies Prostaff
Green Bay/Central WI

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