Friday, April 9, 2010

Finally Spring Turkeys

Well I have had some what of a ruff start to my turkey season. Opening weekend was not totaly uneventful I did find lots of turkeys almost everywhere I went! The problem is my partner couldnt hunt so I was left alone. I did hunt a few hours monday morning at a new WMA not far from the house actually 2 WMAs, but after a 6' copperhead almost slithered down my pants leg(no joke it was 3" from my leg when i first saw it!) my hunt was over there. I moved to another place I had not scouted much but had duck hunted and deer hunted once before. I sat there until 4 pm with no action or response so I left. I got 300 yards from where i had set up and I realized I had left the stake for my jake-mobile so I left my stuff where it was and walked back to the set up amd as i turned a corner in the field 2 jakes flew from about 100 yards away straight over the spot I was set up! So that ruined my day and I ended up just going home and going to bed! This weekend I will deffinatly get in some decent hunting since I have no distractions. I did find out though that there was a hen Hooded Merganser that had nested on my 40acre lake at home and had 10 little ducklings following her around! When they get a little bigger I am going to see how many are still left and try to get some Duck Junkie bands from Ryan and have some truely special ducks! Although turkey hunting is still on my mind I think I may get cought up in Crappie fishing in the next couple weeks after I graduate. Good luck everyone while hunting or fishing this spring and thank you for joining and helping us break 2000 members!!
Cade Patton
Memphis, Tn

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