Thursday, April 8, 2010

Introducing People to Waterfowl Hunting

I was introduced to waterfowl hunting by my Grandfather at a very young age. At that time I did not understand that others my age probably did not have the same opportunity. As I grew up and put more and more years of duck hunting under my belt I began to realize this. I took an interest in taking people duck hunting that had no idea what they were doing. Although I am only 24, I have taken several friends on their first waterfowl hunts, and they are all addicted now! At times it can be frustrating trying to teach a newcomer but to me the satisfaction of seeing someone shoot their first bird and their reaction to it is amazing. Many of my friends have learned to in's and out's of waterfowling from me and that is very rewarding. Besides the personal satisfaction that I get from taking new people duck hunting, it is also great for the sport. Many of the guys I have gotten into duck hunting now donate time and money to conservation, which helps everyone to be more successful in the field. I would encourage everyone to take a "rookie" duck hunting with them next fall and teach them about this great sport.

Justin Tangeman
Duck Junkies Pro Staff (Iowa)
On The X Outdoors

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