Saturday, March 27, 2010


Well turkey season is comin up on us pretty fast, its goin to be here in a couple of weeks. We've been doing some scouting and seen some this morning as a fact. They haven't been gobbling very much in the mornings for some reason, but it could be cause it gets down to like 28 or 30 at night and stays that way.
Youth Season: Apr 9-11
(IA residents only)

Combination Gun/Bow:
Season 1: Apr 12 - 15
Season 2: Apr 16 - 20
Season 3: Apr 21 - 27
Season 4: Apr 28 - May 16

Archery: Apr 12 - May 16
(IA residents only)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Went out snow goose hunting today. Saw a lot of birds -shot 20.
The weather was to nice sunny and not much wind.
I hate to say it but we could use some clouds and wind.
But it was sure nice to get out there any way.
Got to try out my new benelli vinci awesome gun.
(Its awesome here)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Time to dust off the shotgun

Up north spring has finally come, and this means it is time to dust off the shotgun. Spring snow goose hunting is open and the migration is in full effect. The winter snow has melted and the sloughs and potholes are overflowing with new water. In some parts of the state, which have had two very saturated falls and two above normal winters, the snow melt has left sections of farmland flooded. This is great, not only for migrating waterfowl, but also for the ducks and geese that stay around for breeding season. At this time of year in North Dakota you just have to sit back and marvel at the sheer numbers of waterfowl in the Central Flyway.

Another bird that draws some attention in the spring is the turkey. Spring turkey season to me is a great time of year. There is something magical about a big mature gobbler strutting his stuff for a hen that makes my heart pound and my arms shake. In North Dakota you can choose to hunt turkeys around the vast farm fields and winding river bends in the east or you can go out west and hunt them in the gulches and coulees of the badlands. Spring turkey season is also a great time to keep your eyes open for antler sheds as you are out walking around.

Turkey Season Underway

Well, it's finally upon us here in Central Florida and the unseasonably cold weather has the birds way behind schedule. Between the continued cold snaps and windy/wet weather, the birds just aren't finding themselves in the mood for love most mornings.

However, the afternoons are getting pretty good. Late day gobblers are warmed up enough to make them a little frisky and they're out searching the field edges for mates. While the hens may not be that receptive yet, the old toms sure find it hard to resist the sweet soft yelps of slate or mouth call.

So far, the season has only been open for four days and my clients have harvested 3 birds in the afternoon. We're hoping that the warming trend continues and the birds are responsive all season long.

If you find yourself in an area where turkeys are less than cooperative, don't get discouraged. There are some things you can do to improve your success.

First, remember that running and gunning is not always the best tactic for turkeys. And while many of us like the action, it often pays to be patient and wait them out.

Second, make sure you target areas where birds will want to spend large amounts of time just relaxing, like small open wood lots and over grown field edges with shade. Blind calling every 15 minutes in these areas is a great way to enjoy the mild weather and wait on a bird to make his rounds.

Next, don't get fancy! Keep it simple and stick to soft yelping and light purring. As the day wears on, birds are less likely to be vocal. A gobbler is most active in searching for hens when his body temperature has his sperm at optimum levels. Too cold and he's tight lipped. Too hot and he's just looking for a place to stay cool and eat a litte. Those key temperatures vary the further north you get. Down here, it's between 50 and 75 degrees. Watch your weather and optimise your time when the conditions are best.

Last, don't be affraid to cut loose every now and then. While soft calling is often the key, throwing in a really aggresive cut run every few call sequences might just get a close bird to fire off and come in running. This has been very effective in the late mornings and early evenings this year.

Whatever you do and where ever you hunt, make sure to pack light, be comfortable, and stay hydrated. Being still, silent and comfortable makes for a much more enjoyable and often successful hunt. If you're bogged down in gear, over or under dressed, or just unable to sit for long periods without moving a lot, you're less likely to be able to stay undetected.

Turkeys can see in color and have a 270 degree field of view. Their hearing is excellent and can hear the softest call at 75 yards away. If the buggers could smell we'd never kill them.

Remember to scout and glass as much as possible and you'll increase your success rates. Use the knowledge you have of duck hunting by learning to key on food sources and safe zones. Being where they want to be at the right time trumps good calling any day.

Good luck out there and be safe this spring. Hope everyone has a chance to get out and enjoy the glorious weather that's coming our way.

March Newsletter

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Hey fellow junkies, during the off season are the perfect time to try different calls and see what’s out there. There are so many different call makers who all add their own experience, craftsmanship and art to the process that I love looking and trying as many of them as I can. Here is a couple that I have tried out lately:

I am usually not a big fan of single reed duck calls only because I feel that double reeds make me sound more like a duck. You may agree or disagree but that is what makes experimenting fun! Recently I tried a single reed call BLITZKRIEG CALLS out of Iowa. A well crafted wood call with a unique camo band and beautiful golden yellow wood grain. This easy blowing call has a great feeding chuckle that does not fade at the end but stays strong with little air pressure. Check them out at

The latest double-reed I have recently tried is made by Hayes Calls from Illinois. The Deadly Timber is a cool looking acrylic call, black with green in-lay and orange band. A raspy easy blowing call, it has a lower volume than some similar calls I have tried and also, is extremely easy to blow. Whether you are a single or double reed fan, or both, you might want to give these two extremely economical calls a try. Either or both of these calls should have the ducks cupping their wings and coming right to you. You make the call!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Migrating North

Hey all! I'm new to the Pro Staff and can't wait to get to know everyone....Give you a little background on myself I am from Central Indiana and attend Purdue University. Do most my hunting on the Wabash River and its exciting but a little bittersweet to see the amounts of birds that are in the area right now! The birds are definitely on their way back North. The river and local ponds are COVERED in birds right now. Too bad it wasn't this way all season for us here in Indiana. Seeing a lot of mallards, geese, teal, mergansers, goldeneyes, ring necks, wigeons, and a few others here and there. Definitely makes for a lot of good pictures!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Experiencing Global Warming in Texas March 20th

Kind of funny how just last week we were experiencing 70-90 degree weather & just this morning we woke up to bone chilling moist 33deg (wind chill of 22deg) snow... Yeah SNOW in Texas again. This is just wack...!! My wife and I had a fishing trip planned for this afternoon which was crushed by this WINDY blizard. If it weren't so windy, we could have made a special trip back into some local spots/slews to do some videoing hoping to catch some resident species Wood ducks etc. nesting in our local region!! What a view it would have been! Other than the weather, not much going on in the East Texas area. I did talk to a buddy who said he has seen quiet a few in some no-name places... We will try to shoot some film!! Until next time!!!
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