Sunday, March 21, 2010

Experiencing Global Warming in Texas March 20th

Kind of funny how just last week we were experiencing 70-90 degree weather & just this morning we woke up to bone chilling moist 33deg (wind chill of 22deg) snow... Yeah SNOW in Texas again. This is just wack...!! My wife and I had a fishing trip planned for this afternoon which was crushed by this WINDY blizard. If it weren't so windy, we could have made a special trip back into some local spots/slews to do some videoing hoping to catch some resident species Wood ducks etc. nesting in our local region!! What a view it would have been! Other than the weather, not much going on in the East Texas area. I did talk to a buddy who said he has seen quiet a few in some no-name places... We will try to shoot some film!! Until next time!!!
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