Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Time to dust off the shotgun

Up north spring has finally come, and this means it is time to dust off the shotgun. Spring snow goose hunting is open and the migration is in full effect. The winter snow has melted and the sloughs and potholes are overflowing with new water. In some parts of the state, which have had two very saturated falls and two above normal winters, the snow melt has left sections of farmland flooded. This is great, not only for migrating waterfowl, but also for the ducks and geese that stay around for breeding season. At this time of year in North Dakota you just have to sit back and marvel at the sheer numbers of waterfowl in the Central Flyway.

Another bird that draws some attention in the spring is the turkey. Spring turkey season to me is a great time of year. There is something magical about a big mature gobbler strutting his stuff for a hen that makes my heart pound and my arms shake. In North Dakota you can choose to hunt turkeys around the vast farm fields and winding river bends in the east or you can go out west and hunt them in the gulches and coulees of the badlands. Spring turkey season is also a great time to keep your eyes open for antler sheds as you are out walking around.

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