Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hey fellow junkies, during the off season are the perfect time to try different calls and see what’s out there. There are so many different call makers who all add their own experience, craftsmanship and art to the process that I love looking and trying as many of them as I can. Here is a couple that I have tried out lately:

I am usually not a big fan of single reed duck calls only because I feel that double reeds make me sound more like a duck. You may agree or disagree but that is what makes experimenting fun! Recently I tried a single reed call BLITZKRIEG CALLS out of Iowa. A well crafted wood call with a unique camo band and beautiful golden yellow wood grain. This easy blowing call has a great feeding chuckle that does not fade at the end but stays strong with little air pressure. Check them out at www.jagermisteroutfitters.com

The latest double-reed I have recently tried is made by Hayes Calls from Illinois. www.hayescalls.com The Deadly Timber is a cool looking acrylic call, black with green in-lay and orange band. A raspy easy blowing call, it has a lower volume than some similar calls I have tried and also, is extremely easy to blow. Whether you are a single or double reed fan, or both, you might want to give these two extremely economical calls a try. Either or both of these calls should have the ducks cupping their wings and coming right to you. You make the call!

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