Monday, April 12, 2010

Upcoming events and Hunts.

Currently a lot of hunters in SE Idaho and Northern Utah both are reporting seeing good numbers of birds this year for the draw hunts and the upcoming season hunts.
Im seeing regular numbers of pairing Canadian Geese as well as a few ducks now even despite the crazy weather we have had here lately.
The local Pheasant population has come to life as well the last couple weeks. They are out everywhere in full plumage trying to attract mates and cackling like mad, starting before sunrise in the mornings.
The bad thing with the mild winter this year is also an increase in predators. There has been a lot of coyote, skunk, fox and wolf activity in the state lately. We have fairly lax hunting regulations for most predators here. I would encourage all of you to get off the couch, get out and enjoy the spring weather and go hunt some predators. It will make a difference in the amount of upland and fowl especially this year with the light winter to help them be sucessful in nesting. Its a great opportunity to get out and enjoy the outdoors, hunt and help our local wildlife populations!

The 2010 Chinook salmon fishing season opens April 24 in the Clearwater, Snake, Little Salmon and the lower Salmon rivers. The statewide annual limit is 20 adult Chinook.

As a Prostaff member I also see the need to list upcoming events in the area that may interest our members in attending. I will be updating my calendar to show these events including contact information for them as well.

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