Tuesday, December 29, 2009

12/28/2009 Hunting the Burbs

Went out on a layout goose hunt with my nephew and Junkie fan Nate and my friends Joe and Mark within a stones throw of Hartford, CT. We don't do much field hunting around here and this spot in particular proved to be an excellent one. We put out a small spread, 10 full bodies and a dozen shells and since Joe and I were the only ones with layout blinds, we had to improvise to conceal the other two which worked out really well after tweaking it a little.
Basically what we did was lay down a small 4' x 8' brown tarp. I had a couple of folding seats for the deck of my boat (just a pad that folds up and locks in position), covered them up with camo burlap and some vegetation that we scraped up from around the area. Instant poor man's layout blind.
The first couple of groups that came in flared. After covering up more of the blinds, the groups came in without a clue something was up. First a group of about 1o birds that came in with the landing gear down, one quick shot later and Nate dropped his first goose ever. Overall we saw about 200 birds throughout the day. Our calling was spot on but our shooting was a different story (skeet range here I come). Only glitch of the day (besides our shooting) was a couple of crow/goose hunters skybusting.

Terry Mahoney
NW Connecticut
Duck Junkies.com Prostaff

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