Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another slow day (TN, AK)

Well I finished up the Tennessee duck season with one green head and a big honker. I went up to the forked deer river and tried to shoot a few ducks. We saw alot of ducks mor than I had been seeing in Arkansas. Most of the ducks were all old ducks that have been there for most of the season and they were very weary ducks.
I talked to some friends in Arkansas that did not have a very good day eithor they had shot 5 ducks and considering i shot 5 ducks in 4 trips a few weeks ago they did ok. Next weekend will be the last weekend for Arkansas duck season and then it will be ready for spring snow goose will have a few good pics and videos from spring goose I'll be sure to post a few to show everyone. Everyone have a fun and safe time.
Cade Patton

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