Monday, November 9, 2009

Go Away Warm Weather (WI)

With the recent warm weather the duck huntin in NW WI has really slowed down. The duck season is getting close to over and we are looking for the big numbers to start comin down. The geese are around but we are still looking for the duck numbers to increase. Hopefully they show up before we go into our deer season. Which is when our duck season ends up here.

But I do have a gripe to post from this warm weekend. I just do not understand waterfowlers who are so desperate that they trespass! We do a lot of hunting on others' land and we have the common courtesy to ask for permission. There is enough people out there already that do not like hunting and hunters, so there is no need to trespass and make even more people dislike hunters! So please always have the courtesy to ask for permission and never ever assume that you have permission. It never hurts to double and triple check with the landowner. Plus talking with the landowners is an incredible way to scout.


matt13 said...

warm weather everywhere!

Not a very upbeat report from Onalaska so far this week. Ducks are scarce and weather is keeping the birds that are here loafing around and not moving much. Talked to several guys and word is if you find a good resting spot birds are abundant, but ity takes a lot of scouting to find them.


The WI deer opener was always the best weekend in NW WI. That is the best time to be on the big hole. The hurricane is causing this unusually warm weather and the cold push is soon to come but I think it will be shorty and sweet this year for us.