Sunday, November 8, 2009

Catching Up On Tanning! 62deg and sunny in MN

Was excited to head out this past weekend. Spent time on Friday night building a new portable blind to try out and loaded 6 dozen decoys into the truck hoping for the best. The best I got was a tan.
On Saturday morning we were beat to the landing! Beat on the opener of deer? Got the spot we wanted and before sun up there was 3 other groups on the lake. Does nobody deer hunt anymore?
When shooting started My dad and I just sat and looked at nothing. Had 1 lone gadwall work around above us a few times but never came in close. Pretty cool to have it lock up the wings and be calling back. After that we just sat. Nobody on the lake was shooting and nothing was flying.
About on hour into the hunt we got burned by a couple of birds that caught us way off guard. My dad was taking a leek and I was on my phone. Right as we started cleaning up we had 1 bluebill dart in and my dad made a nice shot so at least we didn't get skunked but there is nothing around for birds right now.
Didn't hunt on Sunday because my wife's godchild was getting baptized so I had to play with the kids. Had more fun doing that than I would probably had watching decoys bob up and down. Still frustrating to not go out but the storm will come and I will be there.
Check the web site this week as we should be up and running with the forum page that all members can be apart of and the gear store should finally be complete.

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