Monday, November 23, 2009

Arkansas Season Opener

Well Saturday I was not expecting to do very well the weather was not as bad as it could have been though it could have been much warmer. When I woke up at 3a.m. I got everything together and packed ready to get to the blind. When I got to the club they had already put decoys out the night before and had not seen many ducks. All of the ducks they had seen had been woodies flying the river. None the less I was anxious to get out to the blind. We got to the blind and put out a few motion decoys because there was no wind. We had 9 people in our blind and 2 dogs. It started very slow with lots of woodies flying but not around us. We had a few chances early at big ducks but noone could see. Once it was light out we began shooting ducks. All we were seeing were gadwalls no mallards. We ended up shooting 20 gadwalls and about 10 teal that all suprise attacked us. We also had one lone mallard very sad for a club with mallard in the name. Sunday we went out and tryed to shoot a few woodies early in a timber hole but it did not work. They did not want into our timber hole. My friend Caleb and I went with my fathers friend Warren that morning because we did not have anyone else to go with. We went back to the blind and ended up shooting 4 mallards and 8 gadwalls. The other 6 guys had left about the time we go there and had shot 8 gadwalls. We are all hopeing that here in Arkansas, Tennesee, and Mississippi we get cold weather. Tomorrow i leave for texas to go on a Deer hunt for the rest of the week. I hope that I have some luck shooting deer! Once I get back I plan on hunting in Tennessee for ducks and then in 2 weeks going to Tunica MS for some more fun waterfowl hunting.

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