Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Greetings from Montana

I just returned from a great hunt in Alaska with my son and things are really starting to happen here in Montana. A good friend called me this morning. When I answered the phone the first two words out of his mouth told me everything I needed to know. "It's on". He had just killed his fourth limit of ducks in the last 7 days. The first big pushes of birds have started south out of Alberta. It's been an unseasonably mild fall in this neck of the woods and reports continue to indicate huge numbers of birds holding just north of us in Canada. Despite a relatively mild Canadian weather forecast, I stood outside tonight and listened to literally thousands of ducks and geese heading south. Alberta temps will be dropping into the teens tonight but usually it takes snow and temps in the single digits to really get things moving.

My truck is packed with decoys and my lab is whimpering by the door. The alarm is set for 4am and my heart is beating just a little faster tonight. My gut tells me tomorrow is going to be one of those special days. From Big Sky Country "It's On"!!!

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Mark Mangini said...

Hart and I had a great day on the river. Hart is my Chocolate Lab. We scouted and ate donuts until about noon. I've been in Alaska for a couple weeks so it took a bit to figure out the pattern. There weren't as manny birds as expected but we killed our 7 Drakes in about 2 hours. Got a bonus goose as we were picking up the dekes. We are blessed. Headed out again Friday and Saturday. No weather in the forecast but there are plenty enough birds to keep us busy.