Saturday, May 15, 2010

Get up and get out

Spring has sprung, time for you to spring off the couch and get around to your local hunting areas. It is a good time to get out and take a look at the areas your normally hunt. The benifits to this are that you are not focused on beating others there and setting the deeks. This will allow you an opportunity to learn more about the area (water depth, effects of the wind, possible blind locations, etc...). Take the wife out with you and show her your spot, it might help her realize HOW HARD you "Slave" during the gunning season.....not so much....

The places I hunt in Eastern NC are often effected by the change in weather, so I am not going to get perfect snap shot of what it will look like this Fall, but every little bit helps. I use this time to find new spots, mark waypoints on my GPS, all of which allow me to stay flexible during the season.

And best of all, while doing this, I can target some Redfish (puppy drum, red drum). March to Aug in NC equals great fishing.....can't beat it......

Josh Bourne
Duck Junkies
Pro Staff
North Carolina

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