Thursday, October 1, 2009

A New Beginning

The new duck season is just 36 hours away! Hopefully you all have your plans made and spots picked out. The ducks seem to be moving more this week with the cold weather moving in. Last weekend the northern region of Wis. got it's start on their season and from the reports I have been hearing about it was pretty good. Many hunters had good success on Saturday but Sunday's storms made it a hard hunt with high winds and lightening.
Northern Wisconsin used to be my stomping grounds for duck hunting until recent years, but maybe this year I will make it back there for a late season hunt. I will be making it to southern Wisconsin for an exciting extended weekend hunt with my uncle towards the end of October, that is if he hasn't shot everything by then. {:>)
Looks like Saturday morning my dad and I will be trying to conquer the marsh in NW Chisago city. I am trying to be optimistic with the low water levels. This recent rain "event" has brought a lot of much needed water to the area, so hopefully it will be good.

I also hope you will check out the new web page! The address is It was just launched this week and we are very excited. The site still has some fine tuning to do so any suggestions are welcomed as we hope to make this site very user friendly for all hunters. Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable opener with plenty of ducks. King and I have been waiting 304 days for this, the day we get our "FIX".

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