Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dont know whats up right now (IL)

hay its jeff in IL its ben hard to work the birds its all the same ones no new brids yet only a hand full they got wise fast to the blinds we have so much water to cover if you know the chain were we hunt u know what i mean the chain o lakes we need ice fast to push them out of the small holding ponds that r safe and they know its safe and a lot of the north birds have not come down yet so pray for crapy weather dont stop it will happen soon (hope).

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Don't worry Jeff. The last 3 mornings here in MN have had alot of ice on small waters. Last weekend we started shooting imature Goldens and my neighbor was out this morning again and he got Buffs and Hoodeds. The birds are coming I just hope it doesn't freeze too fast. 60's this weekend the a cold front next week.