Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ilinois Report

Duck season closed December 15 in Illinois' North Zone. The majority of ducks have moved on, but geese were migrating by the thousands. Though there are still plenty of geese in the northern zone, most of them are now in Central Illinois (aerial survey showed 17,000 plus or minus in Fulton County). Fields are very good. Ponds and lakes are frozen or starting to freeze; river hunting will still be productive for a couple of weeks.

I was out last Friday and Tuesday on the Des Plaines River and ducks were generally slow, with a few good flocks in between. "Blind Jumpers" (trespassers) ruined the hunt, shooting at ducks that were too far or shooting them after they landed on the water. I wish more hunters would stick together and be more sportsmanlike, we already have enough enemies.

All in all, the season has been fair compared to previous years, but it's still good to get out!

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