Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Well, I had the fortunate pleasure of closing out the season hunting with one of the only few other hunters I've hunted with, that has duck hunting boiling in their blood. My Nephew Ry, (and capt'n Junkie). We did not have a fantastic shoot, but enough to keep it interesting! And as always, there were the memorable moments that you can keep looking back on during the off season. Some of them were mentioned in a previous post, so I won't repeat the details, but thought I would make a list:

Drew's first Drake Woodie

Smell of the grilling duck breast out in the marsh

Four shooters-not a goose fell?? what just happened??

Drew… "Its got jewelry"

Setting up the big blue awning out on the line

The sunken pram, hoping our gear all floats

I've never been so wet in all my life

6 duck limit on my B-day

A second blown opportunity on a bull Pintail this year. Could it get any more frustrating?

The Bald Eagle Retriever

Got my groove back on the last day of the season by shooting well, and also getting my first (and only) goose of the year.

Duck season ended on the right day. Monday morning almost everything was iced in. Unfortunately the last big migration did not make it here before the season closed. Hopefully that means more around next year!!


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