Monday, January 11, 2010

well it could be worse

This year is slowly coming to an end for the arkansas duck season for 2 weeks we were supposed to have the highest numbers we were supposed to ever see but that didnt happen... Instead we got the coldest tempuratures we have had in a while. all of the ducks kept moving with the weather ending up much farther south than here. i have not heard of a good report in 2 weeks except for 2 hunts on the mississippi river where apparently all of the ducks went. 8 people ended up taking 44 ducks one day. This weekend it was so cold and noone has seen more than 50 birds a day in the places i hunt that i didnt even bother to get up and hunt it seems that it was a stupid idea because i would usually do anything to hunt. After hunting for 7 days and not shooting a duck I gave up. Maybe as the tempurature rises the ducks and geese will come back and i will get a last chance on some birds! I hope everyone has the best of luck for the end of the duck season and in the new year. I have my spring snowgoose spread ready to go!!
Cade Patton

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