Monday, February 15, 2010

Down Time in NW Wisconsin

So it's mid February and there is not a whole lot goin' on... Or is there?
While many people sink down and don't come out during out our cold weather, us diehards are out and about sitting on water or chasing rabbits or predators. These activities can be a good way to maintain your adrenaline and fill the freezer with some other types of tasty game!
The rabbit population is way down this year so I have been spending my free time out on the ice. The fishing has been slow but it is starting to pick up again. The perch are starting to head shallow and the crappies and gills are getting a little more aggressive. Work the weed lines an breaks for crappies/gills and the sand/rock flats for some big perch.
Other than that, we are in need of a lot more snow up here or we are going to have even less water in the lakes/rivers/ponds! And that does not sit well with us waterfowl fanatics. But all we can do is pray for precipitation.
See ya on the water and in the woods!!!

Bear DeNucci
Duck Junkies Pro Staff

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