Thursday, April 22, 2010

Update on bird nesting/pairing & new gear in Eastex

I have been working on the farm the past couple of weekends & haven't had the time to get out and explore the open waters to find some birds. But the bird gods have spoken as I was traveling across the farm this past Saturday, I approached one of our ponds to be greeted by some local/resident Woodies out for a little daily wing stretch. It gives me goosebumps everytime I see a pair & the thoughts & hopes for a great upcoming season! I also spotted a few crossing the Interstate on the way to work this morning as I sit back in the captains chair & watch the speedometer read 73mph. Life of a working daddy with an addiction to the quack!!

One more thing, I did happen to snag me up a new duck call!! The Kamikaze it reads!! Great call!! Made by one of our fellow DuckJunkie Pro-Staffers Shannon Smith... Has the lower end "Down & Dirty" raspy quack for up close action as well as the reach out there power to tell them quackheads to come see you and your couple dozen freinds!! Comes in single or double reed... Great colors, nice size fit for your hand!! A must try!!

More to come! Until next time!!

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