Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Plenty of water in Eastern Dakotas

I spend a large amount of time in the eastern North Dakota, and eastern South Dakota country side checking on waterfowl numbers in my hunting areas. So far this year has been very wet. It seems to rain every other day up here. The landscape is dotted with small(temporary), medium, and large bodies of water that have filled up over this spring and summer. With this large amount of water comes a large number of breeding waterfowl.

The duck numbers are looking really good and I just started seeing some mallard and pintail ducklings lately. I actually had to stop on a highway, along with other traffic, to let a hen mallard escort her brood of 9 ducklings across the road. This is a common occurrence this time of year in eastern ND.

The goose numbers are looking great as well. It seems with all this water and early hot weather I was seeing goslings much earlier then usual. I just saw a couple broods today that are the size of bowling balls if not bigger. They were busy feeding on the green wheat so they paid no attention to me at all.

With all the sloughs, and potholes filled to the brim and beyond this fall in the Dakotas is looking to be another great waterfowling opportunity.

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