Friday, June 10, 2011

Interview with Adam...

We met up with Adam Lynch to get his story...

If you have ever looked through a sportsman's catalog, it's likely you have seen Lynchmob Game Calls in them. Chris Boatwright and I recently caught up with Adam Lynch, whose father George Lynch owns and started the company. He was in Madison Alabama with some students and friends that he pastors through Mosaic1, which is where he works pastoring to college students at different colleges in Michigan where he lives.

They were here in Alabama helping out victims of the recent tornados that have come through our are leaving its wake of devastation and destruction. They were out in the heat all day cleaning up brush and debris and helping rebuild people’s homes, and anything else that needed to be done. He brought six students to help him out, and they all were working really hard when we got there to see him. Adam, 25, went to college at Spring Arbor University in Michigan and his family’s business is located on Lake Erie.

Read the Interview HERE.

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