Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another new spot

Second day trying a new spot in central Minnesota.
After spending last night working on the motor I was able to get a temporary fix made so that it would work. Being on the road is hard when stuff breaks and you don't have your tools and your shop to get things working again, but you make do with what you have.
With the wind forecast being strong my brother and I thought it better to not go back to yesterday's spot. We talked to my father in-law and he said that people had done well on the lake just down the road from him so we thought we would try it.
We got to the landing and set out. From the maps there should have been a nice spot across the lake. After a short boat ride we were there but not impressed. 30yrds out from shore it was 10 feet deep! The total lake depth was only 12! We motored to a back bay to find more of the same. We talked about heading back and baggin' the hunt but we didn't leave enough time to go anywhere else.

Being extremely tired we went back to the first spot threw out 4 goose decoys and 7 mallard decoys. I had a feeling that if the lake was 6 feet deep 10yrds out from shore, it wasn't going to have many birds. When the sun came up I was right. We herd a few shots in the distance but didn't see a thing. After 1 hour we decide to pick up.
Looks like there is another cold front moving down this week so hopefully it brings a few new birds. Only have a two-day turn around before we leave for SW Wisconsin. Hopefully someone has the part I need or I will have to make a more permanent fix for the week.

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matt said...

Can't wait for your arrival to the SW!!! Lots of birds I've been told– this could be an excellent couple of days. Hope the motor fix is ready in time.

still no name.