Saturday, October 24, 2009


Well, the last morning in SW Wisconsin started out great but that didn't last long.

Last night we passed on the evening shoot and sat around drinking beer, telling stories, and laughing so hard I thought my sides would split. Although a hunt may have been fun, I can guarantee we had more fun doing this than sitting in the rain. We even came up with a commercial idea we may pursue.

In the early morning on the marsh we did see some pretty amazing sights. The "4:00 rush" was a sight to see. From our blind we could see the main channel, and it looked like I-35w during rush hour! All you saw were lights and herd boats. It was bow to stern.

After the rush was over and we were set up we sat and listened to "wings". They were everywhere! All of us were very excited, but that would soon turn to frustration. We didn't fire a shot for the first 25 minutes and then 1 hooded merganser. Matt's superstition is that good days start with no shooting, so this should have played out.

There was almost nothing working the marsh but over head we watched a part of a migration for about 1 hour. Everywhere we looked there were huge "V's" of birds way high heading for the marsh. We picked off one wood duck. When everyone else from the marsh headed in at 9:00 we didn't even get any birds flying by that had been kicked up. We did get burned by a few that flew by in the sun and escaped easily, and we picked up at 11:00. No geese. At least we were dry!

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