Sunday, October 25, 2009


And there he is, the great King. What a good dog he was through the SW Wisconsin trip. He got to spend time playing with his girlfriend Gypsy on the trip. He made every retrieve I sent him on. He did great on most of the redirects and blind retrieves, and all of this with injury and sickness. By the last day he was so tired I think that he was happy to get home to recover.
On Sunday I was going to take him out for a short morning hunt but my kids were up so many times over the night that I got almost no sleep. Between that and the rain, I decided to sleep in and run errands but I had a friend wake me up to tell me he was hunting were I wanted to go and had 6 ducks in 20 minutes. Just figures!
All and all it was tough coming home because even though we didn't do so well the last 2 days, it was a great trip. Many ducks, not a single goose. Lots of stories, one memorable experience of a sinking boat, and great home cooked meals. A huge thanks to Matt, Penny and Maggie for the great hospitality, awesome home cooked food, and great dancing with the tap shoes. Keep it up Maggie! With lots of practice you will get the timing down and one day when you make it pro I will take my daughters to come see you perform! Looking forward for the November hunt if we can get it worked out!

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