Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Great weather for a duck" doesn't always mean lots of ducks!

Friday morning (10/29) we set out on one of our favorite little Polk County rivers. Could not have asked for a better morning weather wise for huntin ducks. Slight mist, a little breeze, and cloudy! The only thing is it was a little warm. (54 degrees at shootin light). But all in all, not too bad!
Our hopes were pretty high as we had been seeing a few northern birds around and this spot has been pretty good to us this year. And it usually gets better and better as the fall goes on. But for some reason this morning wasn't meant to be. First, we show up and are ready to set out and my brother realizes he had left his gun at home! I know, How do you forget your gun? It happens to the best of us! So Steven and I set up and I have to hand it to my bro, he made it back and out to us by ten min after shootin light. As far as the duck numbers... We seen approx 15 divers cruise by us about 5 minutes in to the morning and they kept goin. Sat there til 9:30 and only seen one more duck! Oh well. A day huntin is better than doin anything else.

But not all was lost... Doin some road scouting, we found a new spot. It looked very promising as it was holding approx 200 birds (ducks & geese) when we stopped to ask permission. The landowner was extremely happy to have someone come hunt the birds. So stay tuned for updates!

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