Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hello Winter

When I got up this morning and looked out to see snow covering my lawn, I was thrilled and sad at the same time. Her we are in the 2nd week of the season and the weather in like mid November.
We battled through the wind and icy roads this morning and made it to our spot in spite of getting beat to the landing by several people. Right before shooting time I was calling in groups of mallards like crazy to the decoys. With 5 minutes to go I had them land right in front of my brother and then take off. I told him to get ready because I was calling them back around for him. I really wanted his first weekend out for the year to be good. Sure enough I called them back around but they were right in front of my dad and I cupped. I let the first one go by for my dad and took the rear on. We each hit on the first shot. Great blind retrieve on the second by King on the 2 drakes.
Shortly after that I had 1 green wing teal shoot down the shoreline right in front of me and before I could tell them there was a bird it was dead. Now by brother is frustrated so he moves closer to me to get in on the action. Right after that I call in a small flock of mallards that circle right over where he was standing! Now he is frustrated and confused but he stayed put. About 20 later we had 1 hen canvasback circle, again where my brother was standing, and come around behind us. My dad and brother start shooting at it but when it got to me I shot and hit her thinking that she would hit closer to the water. Not so. Myself and the dog climbed through and over some of the thickest cattails you could imagine with no luck. On the way back to the blind I spotted a teal flying right at my dad and my brother so I yell TEAL! I hear shooting and see the splash so I take the dog down there to get it. When I get there I find out that my brother set his gun down to warm up his hands and didn't get a shot.
After awhile things slowed down and we decided to pick up. My dad and my brother started picking up when a big flock of mallards got up I watched and noticed that 2 strays ere behind but catching up to the flock so I hit the call hard. They broke off and turned around right at us with my brother standing in the decoys with a bag picking up. I told him not to move and was able to hit 1 of the 2. A nice hen wigeon. With the exception of almost getting frost bite on my numb fingers that started turning blue, it was a good morning. My brother did come through with a military trick to fight off the frost bite that most likely saved my fingers.


matt said...

The skies were full of high flocks of migrating birds this morning. all riding the strong west wind!!!
Went out for a quick shoot this morning, as all of us had mid morning plans. I dropped a Gaddy and a greenhead while standing on the dike. I sat most of the hour and half we were out, awe struck by the thousands of ducks we watched pass overhead. I hope some of them stopped off to rest, cause I am looking forward to a good shoot in the morning!! Hey Junkie, tell your brother I've been there done that!!

(still don't have a name)


After what I saw this morning there are a lot more coming your way. I think the season will be over by first week in November. You?

matt said...

good thing your coming down before then!!

Was not as good as We hoped this morning. Mixed bag of Wigeon and Gaddys. 5 total between us. May try again this afternoon.