Sunday, October 11, 2009

What A Sleeper

Did not do well at all this morning. Went back to the same spot as yesterday thinking that we would still do decent. Half moon and strong wind over night must have kept them moving. We had a lot more hunting pressure on the lake this morning but nothing to shoot at. Sat for 2 hours and only saw about 15 ducks total. There were a few groups getting very little shooting but we watched as they all chased crippled ducks for a long ways. Had one "pro duck caller" down the lake from us, that I would have loved nothing more than to tell him to shove the call where the sun doesn't shine, but I think that is where he already had it based on the calling. I do not understand why some people think that continuously blowing the call will bring ducks. Overall we should have gone to "plan B" lake. We only hunt this lake once a year but we didn't even fire a shot his morning. Talked with a buddy that just got back from Canada yesterday who said that there are "a ton of birds" up there still. Just have to wait for the next wave!

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matt said...

had a daddy daughter hunt this evening. It was fun and we goofed around alot. We walked in so we were quite a was off the main marsh. Sounded like some guys were doing pretty good by the amount of shooting. For us it was just time together ; )