Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Picking the right spot

I have a tradition of hunting Nov. 13th from sun-up to sun-down. I bow hunt 'til noon and then duck hunt the rest of the day. No matter how busy it is at work, this is always my day to myself. Bow hunting was non-productive, but did see a few does. Busted up a flock of turkeys on my way out, so I exchanged weapons back at the truck to my Benelli. Sat on a ridge above where the birds flew off to but could not get a response. In the afternoon it was out to do what I look forward to the most. An evening hunt on the marsh. Bird numbers are down for this time of the year, so I knew if this was going to work I needed to make a good decision where and how I was going to set-up. Factoring the wind, the dark sky and where I knew other hunters would be I put myself in an area with little pockets of open water and filled a few with decoys and a shaker in each. I figured the ducks would be coming out of the refuge high enough to see the scattered spreads I had. Worked like a charm! FINALLY got these educated ducks to work and commit. Before shooting hour ended I had my 6 and then just watched the show of ducks dumping into my spot.


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